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Happy Holidays everyone! I wanted to offer a discount to all my clients this year (and previous years) to encourage you to order prints and wall art from your galleries.

Why? What's the big deal? You can just take your images and go to Walmart and print them up and it's quick cheap and easy, right? True it is cheap and it is convenient BUT the saying "You get what you paid for" rings true here. It's just a fact that the printers and ink used in chain stores like Walmart, Walgreens, CVS, etc are not quality printers, they use less colors and sub par quality inks and papers which result in a distortion of the image your photographer intended. This is an issue that most photographers deal with so I have a couple of examples to show you of the differences between printing through a professional lab as compared to a chain store. 

This is a great chart that shows several different retail chains vs professional labs


Here's another specifically for Walmart, which I tend to have to combat more than other retailers because it's the ready available chain in my town. 

I've seen what Walmart can do to a image and it makes me hurt every time I see a image I've created printed from there. Not only are you getting mediocre results but the fact that they are inconsistent every time you send something in to be printed. 

Photographers spend a LOT of time using calibrated monitors to edit images to make sure skin tones are correct and colors are as perfect as possible so to see all the work that one has carefully put in to a image be ruined through cheap and mediocre printing can be very worrisome. Not to mention when a client invests in quality photography services, to take that investment and ruin it with horrible prints can discourage someone from using a professional photographer again. 

Not only are you supporting a small business when you purchase your prints through the photographer and their professional lab but you are getting a far superior product to those bargin basement labs. 

Thank you for your business and I hope that you use the Holiday code I am offering to maybe print up those images from the session you did with me this year and have been meaning to get to printing but just haven't had a chance! :)



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