{Charlotte} NEPA and HONESDALE Children's Portrait and Lifestyle Photographer

May 30, 2016  •  Leave a Comment

As I photographed Charlotte I was reminded of my own childhood filled with barefoot days, bike riding, catching frogs, bugs, salamanders. The summer days that were so hot and seemed to last forever. The sounds of the ice cream truck that came in the heat of the day, waiting for that familiar jingle and begging my mom for .25 to get a Bombpop. Laying in the grass looking at the sky and wondering if I stayed still and listened and really paid attention, I might feel the earth rotating on it's axis. 




I think about these things as I photograph children and families. I wonder what the children think about this lady taking their pictures and if someday they will be sitting looking at the images and be reminded of the carefree childhood they had, and if they will be thankful that they had these images. During my childhood there were no cellphones, computers or even accessible cameras, I have the still images of my experiences in my head but sometimes I wish I had a tangible picture in my hand to show my sons. 



If posed formal images are not your style, try booking a lifestyle session where images are captured of you and your family doing real stuff, real, everyday stuff. The kind of activities that form those mental images that carry with you and your children for many, many years: Making cookies, having a water balloon fight, running through the sprinkler. All those real, imperfect moments with real laughter, messy hair and smiles, not the forced, posed smiles that sometimes happen in formal pictures. 

I love the perfection in imperfect moments, that is why I love what I do and will always do what I do. 


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