I decided to take this journey of Project 365 in hopes that is will help me grow as an artist of course, but more importantly help me work on the areas I want to specialize in. As a photographer I love taking pictures of anything and everything but I find myself gravitating to certain areas such as kids and of course lifestyle photography. 

Because this is my first post on Jan 12, 2015 I will group my 1-11 images together and then either post my images daily or group them weekly, it depends on how much time I have. 

Hope you enjoy the images and follow me on my journey. 

{ 1 | 365 } "Friends"First day of my 365 day challenge: My son Ethan having a moment with Matty. { 2 | 365 } "Decisions"Ethan had to decide on a game to pick. He wanted a violent war one but obviously a no no so he was trying to decide on another. { 3 | 365 } "The Coop"The Cooperage. Really was a Cooperage back in the day (Google it) It is now home to a farmers market, art studio, radio station, stage and general meeting place for the community. If you are ever in Honesdale, PA, check it out! {4 | 365 } "Sexy Beast"This is one of my cats; Timmons, we call him the Sexy Beast! lol! He is such a man's man! { 5 | 365 } "Collections"Small glimpse of our nutcracker collection. I started collecting them when my oldest son was a baby. I would give him a new one every year after Thanksgiving dinner, sort of a ring in the Holiday gift. He is now 30 and totally not interested in them. I kept the tradition alive with my second son, who is now 6. I love looking at them during the Holidays. { 6 | 365 } "Brush and Feathers"This is at the barn where my son does his riding and I have a client I work with that works there. On this day I was so cold that I had to go into the tack room to get warm. The beautiful way this is tucked into the corner without a thought struck me. { 7 | 365 } "(dis)Organized"My life; chaotic, messy, colorful and beautiful. { 8 | 365 } "Effort"He just got the Army uniform from my sister (thanks Aunt Tab!!), his name is embroidered and everything. He was so excited to try it on he was struggling to get the buttons done. { 9 | 365 } "Castle Art" This building is called the "Silk Mill" it used to be a silk factory and just before that it was a antique and reproduction dealer and it was called "The Castle," locals still call it that. It now houses a college, a gym, art spaces, bike shop and many local businesses. Directly to the left of this front piece is a coffee house called "The Cocoon" it used to be the building that housed the silk worm cocoons for the factory. Great history to this building. { 10 | 365 } "Matty"Matty is our other kitty, he's a lover, not a fighter. Even though I cut his paws off, I love the image.

{ 11 | 365 } "R E L A X"This is what my bed looked like all day on Sunday. Pretty much where he stayed the entire day.

{12|365} "Happiness"This Willow Tree Happiness statue was given to me by a friend a long time ago. It's been cracked and broken so many times, but I just keep gluing it together, kind of like my own happiness. Even though it's not perfect, it's mine and I choose to keep it.

{ 13 | 365 } C O L D{ 13 | 365 } C O L Dit was probably -5 or 10 with the wind chill yesterday, but just a gorgeous day and the ice on the trees was incredible. I am sad that all I had was my phone, but I got er done! And a fellow photog reminded me that; "the best camera to use is the one we have available to us."

{ 14 | 365 } C R E A M Y{ 14 | 365 } C R E A M Ymore of my cat Matty (Ethan is on strike with the paparazzi) His fur is so creamy and white, he reminds me of whip cream so I edited him a bit to look marshmallow-y and creamy.


{ 15 | 365 } C L E A N{ 15 | 365 } C L E A NAnd that's just about as far as it's got. I am lucky if I can even get the clean clothes folded!


{ 16 | 365 } S I C K{ 16 | 365 } S I C KMy poor little guy didn't even make it into the school today, he threw up on his van. That dreaded stomach virus hit!

{ 17 | 365 } A R M Y G U Y S He's feeling better today because I have had Army guys strewn all over the house! lol! { 18 | 365 } FreelensingPracticing with my Lensbaby {19|365} NO it's not a pregnancy test! LOL! I wasn't even going to post anything for yesterday. I am not happy with how it came out but after I thought about it I am owning it. I came down with the flu on Sunday night and I couldn't get out of bed yesterday! I couldn't even get my son ready for school so he stayed home with me. Raging fever and body aches! This was my view the entire day. Could be it was a bad image because I was delusional with fever! LOL!! {20|365}Everyday my little guy gets his Army guys out and builds roads and mountains, bridges and tunnels from the decorative objects on the coffee table and around the room. I love how imaginative he is, but we're really working on cleaning up after ourselves!

{21|365} Cokedid one of my favorite things today to get me some "me" time. I went to a antiques/junk store! Little place in White Mills, owner's name is Chris, nicest guy ever! There were so many awesome things I couldn't stop taking pictures so I had a really hard time deciding tonight. {22|365} OrangeAnother trip to the gastroenterologist today. This will be the third attempt at a colon cleanse, 2 days. If it doesn't work this time we will have to go to the Children's hospital and he'll have a procedure done to clean him out. {23|365} CowCouldn't resist this face when I drove by today. {24|365} Regina My friend Regina is hanging out with me this weekend. She wants to be a photographer, so I am mentoring her. She did a great job with my original camera and my Nifty Fifty. {25|365} LIGHTSometimes you can drive by a certain spot many times and nothing strikes you. Then there are times when the light is just right, and you are compelled to pull over and try to capture all that you are seeing, in a click.