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Hi! I'm Michelle Lee Doty (Erbach) owner of Michelle Lee Photography. I am a lover of life, an observer of all things. I am old enough to have had my heart broken many times, but young enough in spirit that I still am in love with love and in love with capturing the love of others; whether it be engagements, weddings, birthing, newborns, children high school seniors or pets. I am a storyteller with my camera, not just posed portraits but real life, real love.

I'd like to think that my Bohemian style and love for all things natural has helped me truly encapsulate the subjects of my photography. The pool of experiences I've dipped my toes into is definitely more of an ocean! Hopefully my work really shows a balance and harmony between nature and the human condition with a true concentration on simplicity and beauty. I'm known for putting my heart into everything I do and having a sincere care and concern for everyone that I meet.

Natural light photography is my passion and I make every attempt to use that "Golden hour" to the best of my ability. I will chase the light until every bit is gone because nothing is better than natural light. When everything comes together and you get those images that take your breath away, THAT'S what it is about! Capturing those breathtaking moments and savoring the joy of those that you had the privilege of observing.

I am constantly taking classes, picking the brains of my mentors, asking questions, watching videos, spending every bit of free time I have learning editing and using every tool I can to master my craft. I take pride in delivering high quality images that I have carefully selected to tell your story. I am not a point and shoot or a "shoot and burn" photographer, you will not receive hundreds of unedited, out of focus images on a disc that you will just throw in a drawer, so if you are looking for that, I am not your girl. I do my very best to tell your story and capture it for your to pass on to all the loves of your life!

Here are some thing you might (or might not) want to know about me, also some things I love and am passionate about:
I am a beekeeper and a homesteader.
I never met a dog (or a Canadian) I didn't like.
I am originally from VT and miss home a lot some days.
I love to listen to music from Old Standards and Classical to Rap and Hip Hop.
I love to collect vintage things.
I am obsessed with all things British!
I am a dreamer and a doer.
I am a former champion bodybuilder, power lifter and fitness model.
I used to have a chicken that lived in the house with me.

Eastern State Penitentiary - DONE!
Pennhurst Asylum - DONE!
Burning Man
The Coney Island Mermaid Parade - DONE!
The Grand Canyon
Abandoned buildings (the list is long)
Streets of London, Paris
Ireland's countryside
San Francisco
Dalai Lama - I haven't had the pleasure to meet or photograph him yet but I did photograph Tibetan Monks when they came to the area and made a sand mandala.
Travel Route 66 and photograph along the way.
California redwoods
The parrots of Telegraph Hill in CA

Cape Cod
Vintage wedding
Mad Men themed wedding
Steampunk themed wedding

So there it is! Please feel free to contact me if you would like to get together and chat about the images and love that I can capture for you.

Michelle Lee


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